Marilyn Monroe Family Foundation
& JRP Collection Paris

Marilyn was in the foster care system at a very young age. She always had a desire to support youth
in this system.

The Marilyn Monroe Family Foundation was founded by JRP Collection Paris based on Marilyn’s and her family’s passion and cause to support the well-being of at-risk youth in and aging out of the foster care system.

The main focus of the foundations “Fair Chance 4 Empowerment” program will be to provide the much- needed support, resources and services for displaced at-risk youth and young adults that age out the foster care and adoption systems.

Youth in the foster system start off with circumstances in life that are not ideal but with being shown kindness and given support, guidance, and needed resources they can learn to envision and plan a better life for themselves regardless of the foster care or adoption experience.

The foundation program, “Fair Chance 4 Empowerment”, will provide resources and services like transportation, food and housing vouchers and college or vocational training to help to help plan a future.

The hope is that the program will prevent those aging out of the foster care system from resulting in homelessness, joblessness, drugs addiction and engaging in criminal activities like selling drugs, theft and sex trading on the streets of Las Vegas in order to survive.

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